Thursday, May 02, 2013


Well, turns out my shoulder is all fucked up so I'm sitting here being bored while I let it heal. Who knew so much time reaching for a keyboard could be harmful? Luckily I have my fancy iPad and one arm that is still good.

I find the human body amazing(especially ones belonging to the ladies). It is such a complex network that can have the one spot that feels fine actually causing pain everywhere else or have someone pushing one spot and lighting up the nerves in another area. But I spose this isn't really new info to everyone. I think it is a wildly accepted fact that living things are generally very complicated.

It occurs to me that although my grammar and spelling have improved, I can no longer think of things to write about for blogs like I used to.

Guess that's why it's called randomization.

That and I like making up new words.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If it ain't broke...

Hello blog-o-verse or whatever you are called now-a-days. Remember me?

So, since I have been unemployed in the recent months I have had the privilege of playing a much larger amount of video games than usual. The two biggest names were Diablo III and Assassins Creed III. And yes I realize its been while since D3 came out.

Anywho, D3 I never wanted to come out as the first two games had a incredibly deep(at least for a video game) backstory that was pretty much closed up in Diablo 2. In fact the story that did present itself is one of two possibilities that I had been predicting for years.

AC3 on the other hand came from a series of 4 or 5 games that equaled, if not outshone, the story in D3. The difference here was that the story was left hanging after AC3 and its many sub-games.

Both games franchises were instant hits and will be remembered for years as classics both in story and in great gameplay.

So why the fuck would you change the formula so much and fuck up everything?

Both games came out and took a serious right turn in how the game is played and changing the very basics of gameplay and made the purpose of the games very different. And the story lines were done as if they were written by a teenager in school. Now I realize it has been a long time since D3 came out and it is an entirely different crew working on it but all AC3 games have come out fairly recently.

So that brings me to my point: why break a proven formula. Now I realize I argue on the opposite side of this point in the music industry and I believe trying new things in the video game industry is great and has lead to many advancements but when you are a putting out much awaited sequels that people are asking for, they are asking for another of the same with merely updates that make it fit the times more. I also realize that this also then runs the risk of becoming stale so it is a definite thin line but the changes but forth were as if after sergeant pepper the Beatles put out a death metal album. It just doesn't fit.

Now I'm not trying to complain here, the makers can make whatever game they want and there is nothing I can do about it. Obviously both games made them money but I just find human nature confusing at times when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Plus I thought I should blog again.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That's better!

And it would seem that they have now fixed the issues raised in the previous post. They are now off my bad list and will get presents at Christmas again.

Monday, October 01, 2012

WTF Google

So I went out and bought myself an iPad the other day. Seemed like all the cool kids were doing it so I should too.

It's kinda weird though. I am currently posting from the blogger app. The confusing thing is that they only made it for iPhone so I am using a zoomed in version of it that can't rotate to a decent sized keyboard.

I find it odd that they would make the app for iPhone and not iPad as the whole idea of the iPad is that it is this mobile computer that you can use to blog or tweet and stuff.

I guess that's why I don't work at blogger.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I just went back and read a bunch of old posts. I would like to apologize for the terrible grammar and spelling. I trluy ame asamed.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Spaced Out

We've had a lot of fun over the years here at Randomization. But things aren't always fun and games in the world and today I would like to take a moment to talk to you all about something serious: the space program(HA! You all thought it was gonna be something funny; or at least something trying to be funny.)

I've been reading discovery news a lot lately, mainly, the space section of it. Everyday it seems that astronomers and scientists discover something new about space. The building blocks of life have been found everywhere and I predict that in the next 5-10 years, if not sooner, we will see on headlines all over that some micro-organism has been found on another planet and that there is life somewhere other than earth.

Not only this but much of the technology that we use today, and a lot of the stuff we are going to use in the future, are items that were invented by space programs(mainly NASA) in order to better protect their astronauts. Things such as memory foam, the technology for cell phones, an aerogel to soak up oil spills and a host of other advances.

And yet, Barack Obama, in all his wisdom, has pulled back funding and said we have to focus everything on mars; all without consulting his science advisor(firefox is telling me advisor is spelt wrong but tells be it's right, now I'm confused) or anyone in NASA. Now, this is very old news right now and I'm not here to talk about whether his decision is wrong or right(it's wrong), I'm just here to raise the question of whether or not we should care.

Everything I have heard is that everyone believes this will make the USA lose it's ranking as being at the front of the pack for space. Well, history has shown us that every superpower has eventually fallen, maybe it's that time for the US, at least in the space program. Now anyway you look at it, loosing funding for the US space program hurts everyone because of how countries have teamed up their space programs in the past years to work together. This doesn't just hurt the US but can hurt us all. I don't look at it as the US having the best space program, but has all the countries that are tied together(USA, Canada, Russia, etc.) having a program no one else can top, but can join.

I guess maybe the loss of American funding could be the thing to help propel every other country to step up their space program. But, who knows? The human race can be hard to predict at times and this particular subject is one that has always been a bit touchy, especially with those that believe in creationism. And Obama isn't gonna be in power forever. Maybe the next president will step up the funding again. Or this move might just do what he wants; help spark the private industry of space travel. Although, I can't see the private industry going all the way to Mars, or even the moon for that matter, but it might allow for some of the jobs that NASA and other space programs have to worry about off their hands.

I guess whatever happens will happen, I must say that I'm more excited for them to tell me that life exists elsewhere than I am for someone to step foot on Mars. But that's just me.

All I know is that NASA has become more than a symbol for the USA. NASA landed the first MAN on the Moon, not just the first American. It's a part of our history just as the Russian Space Program is for putting the first MAN into space.

Anyway, that's my rant. Steve should be happy that I finally put a decent sized post up...even if he is out of the Country! HAHAHA!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fuck You

Na, I'm just kidding. You're alright.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

To Steve

No, I don't want to.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I See...

Just read that the Riders are searching for a new offensive line coach cause ours is going down to the Denver Broncos.

all I have to say is: "The Denver Broncos?!? Awwwww!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010


OK, so the catch phrase for the Olympics is it just me or is that shitty?

I mean sure, we have to believe in our athletes but, in my professional opinion, we would do much better if instead of believing, our athletes just trained. You can't win by believing, trust me I know from experience in many different facets of my life. Training and hard work are the only things that are going to get our athletes through. And if they spent all the money they use on commercials on training the athletes that would also be very good.

But hey, I'm just a fucking useless idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.